About us

Mixiw Notebooks is a team of two friends. We have been passionate about notebooks for as long as we can remember. We strongly believe that nothing else gives you the freedom to create and capture ideas as a paper notebook does.

However, at the moment of truth, this freedom is limited for the book binding nature of notebooks. That’s the reason why we decided to design our own innovative binding system that gives freedom to notebook users. Minimal design, max versatility and ease of use are the guidelines that we followed to create Mixiw, the modular notebook.

In 2016 we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and hundreds of backers helped us making the Mixiw notebook a reality.

Since then, our motivation is seeing such different people using their own customized Mixiw notebook to suit their only needs. Furthermore, we are constantly listening our users’ feedback so that we can find new ways to improve and adapt the notebook to fit everyone’s needs.