We wanted a notebook that suits everyone’s needs. That’s the reason why we have created an unique and innovative system that allows Mixiw to be adaptive and versatile.

It’s a difficult goal to accomplish, but it’s our dream. A dream that has different protagonists, as many as notebook lovers that want to enhance their creativity, productivity and organization using The Mixiw Notebook.

We want to listen to all the people that will put their trust on us, we take that as one of our priorities. Also, we want Mixiw users to suggest new features and booklet layouts. But there are even more ways in which we would like you to take part in the community, and we hope to unveil them during the course of the Kickstarter campaign.

Our dream is not only to create an awesome notebook, but to build an open project for notebook lovers. A community where you can create and participate. From the very first moment the crowdfunding campaign is launched, we’ll work hard to make you feel an important part of this community.