We think that Mixiw’s adaptability and personalization solve several limitations of actual notebooks and open new possibilities for everyone. But innovation has its costs. In our case, manufacturing a notebook with a new “binding system” that breaks industry standards isn’t an easy neither cheap task to accomplish. That’s the reason why we need a large order of Mixiw notebooks to obtain a decent price from the manufacturers.

With this in mind, we think that Crowdfunding is the best way to launch the Mixiw notebooks. First of all, it gives us the opportunity to validate Mixiw and know if there are people interested in it. Secondly, backers can help make Mixiw a reality and be rewarded for it. Last but not least, a crowdfunding campaign is the beginning of something that we find crucial, the funding of a community formed by the people who believe a better notebook is possible.

Among all crowdfunding sites, we have chosen Kickstarter to fundraise Mixiw because it has an experienced audience in supporting innovative concepts that solve everyday problems. We want to learn from Kickstarter users’ knowledge. We want to listen to their suggestions, needs, likes and dislikes about Mixiw.

We strongly believe that Kickstarter will help us to connect with notebook lovers around the world to make the Mixiw notebook a reality. A reality where people don’t have to adapt their needs to an existing notebook, but the notebook is the one that suits everyone’s specific needs.