We could just design another notebook that would be almost like any other on the market. Just a few changes in dimensions, shapes, colors, paper, materials, and we would be telling you everything right away. But we didn’t wanted to follow the easy path, we wanted to really change the notebook’s ecosystem. We wanted to erase notebook’s limitations and innovate in such a way that everyone could find what they need in a single notebook.

After more than a year designing prototypes and upgrading the Mixiw notebook, we burn in desire to unveil all its details and functionalities. But we must take one step at a time and ensure to put everything together for the Kickstarter campaign. Then it would be the perfect time to explain what’s the innovative concept inside Mixiw.

Currently, Mixiw is patent pending and we are working hard in many things: studying the best way to optimize the production of the Mixiw notebook, looking for the definitive cover material and preparing the Kickstarter campaign, among other tasks. But we are excited about what we have accomplished thus far.

We really think and hope it’ll be worth the wait. And the wait is almost over…