Mixiw Notebooks is a team of two friends and notebook enthusiasts. We think that nothing else gives you the freedom to create, capture ideas and express yourself as a paper notebook does.

However, at the moment of truth, this freedom is limited when you try to find the book that best suits your needs. Yes, every notebook model is unique, but seems that every one of them is designed only to cover one or a few specific needs.

We spent years collecting notebooks looking for something versatile, practical and special: a book that really boosted our productivity, organization and creativity. But we never found it. And worst of all, our ideas, artwork and journals were scattered in dozens of different notebooks.

We discovered that we weren’t the only ones with this problem: it’s surprising how many people use a different notebook for each one of their needs. So we thought: “Why not design ourselves a notebook that suits everyone needs?”

Mixiw Notebooks blog 2

Therefore, after a long period asking our friends and family what they think it would be the perfect notebook, we realized that the only way to achieve our goal was to innovate and create a new concept: Mixiw. We spent more than a year designing a system that allows freedom of adaptability. It’s been an exciting learning experience. And now, we are about to make Mixiw Notebooks a reality in the coming weeks.

As Mixiw books aren’t cheap to produce one by one, we’ll run a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and be able to buy materials,  and allow every notebook lover the opportunity to own a Mixiw.

What is the innovative concept behind Mixiw? We burn in desire to unveil all its details and functionalities, but we will not do it unit the campaign is launched. We are working hard to have everything ready as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we encourage you to follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

We really appreciate your interest. Hope you get as excited as we do with this innovative notebook concept.