Creative people have something in common, we try to capture ideas before they fade away. Therefore, we tend to have “too many notebooks”, some of them full of ink, some with only two pages tested and others never used. At Mixiw Notebooks we like to refer to that pile of notebooks as “the Notebook Monster”.

Staring at the Notebook Monster we ask ourselves: Why do we need so many notebooks? There are different possible answers. One is great: “We like to collect them just for pleasure”. But most common answers are a clear sign we need a more versatile notebook: “We use one specific book for each one of our needs (sketching, planning, fountain pen…)”, “We’re nonstop creative beasts and we run out of notebook pages in no time” or “We’re just looking for the one that best suits us”.

In other words, the Notebook Monster is awesome if you like to collect notebooks. However, if you use notebooks as everyday tools, you could definitely do more with less. You could be more organized, productive and creative if you could use a single notebook for everything, without worrying about stacking it over the pile because it has ran out of pages.

Inspired by the Notebook Monster, we designed Mixiw, a versatile notebook that won’t feed the monster and will stop it from growing. Mixiw eradicates distractions, mess and chaos, facilitating the creation process between the user and the notebook. With Mixiw you only have to focus on a single never ending notebook that suits your needs, whatever they are.